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I can focus on all levels of a persons life.
Spiritual counsellor
Clairvoyant and Medium
Gentle, uplifting and calming
About Priscilla
Psychic Medium, Priscilla has been a psychic all her life and has been reading professionally for 18 plus years now. She also teaches various courses including Reiki. Priscilla is a natural born spiritual counsellor and intuitive. If you have been guided to her, we believe it is an invitation from your higher self to say hello, and to receive information that you have been wanting. She brings such lovely qualities to her work that speaks volumes to who she is: wisdom, warmth, kindness, respect, and a very down to earth approach. Its not so much about the insights she offers. Its more about what she offers an individual on the HOW TO take the few next steps on the road forward. Her intuitive read on situations is often so accurate and true because she puts words to dynamics and situations that sometimes may feel unclear in the reading, but it always makes total sense later on.
I am a regular client of Priscilla`s for over a year now. She is blunt to the point but yet encouraging and caring. She tells you how it is, if you like it or not. She is amazing, I am at awe sometimes that things happen just like she says. I have referred numerous friends to her and will continue to do so.

S of Ontario, Canada

Priscilla was absolutely spot on with information about my life. She was honest and didn`t sugar coat. She picked up things about my life, things that blew my mind away!!! Which was incredible. I would definitely call Priscilla again. :)

Eleni, Australia

Thank you Priscilla! So much helpful guidance. MBS 2016

Lovely lady, great reading, thank you for your reassurance. I will go get some curtains, much love Hayley xxx MBS 2016

Great reading, thanks, Becky xx MBS 2016

Very warm, down to earth and insightful reading, food for thought and a tonic! GW MBS 2016

Very accurate reading, so lovely to hear about stuff thats going to happen in my future, feel thankful, Kam x MBS 2016

I am a beautiful, vibrant woman! Thank you for your reading, Michelle MBS 2016

Priscillas reading was wonderful and accurate, excellent, Sarah 1st May MBS 2016

Priscilla was very calm. I really appreciated her calming tone of voice. I very much enjoyed my reading with Priscilla.

Nicole, Ontario

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