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Love, relationships, career, family
Spirit guides, tarot cards, angels
Clairvoyant, medium
warm, compassionate reader
About Jessica
Jessicas clients say that her warm, non-judgemental and compassionate readings leave them feeling better, as well as helping them to move forward positively. She works closely with her spirit guides and angels, using Tarot cards to enhance their insights. A clairvoyant medium with over 21 years professional experience, she first saw Spirit at the age of nine and later, after a major event in her own life, began training to use her psychic sensitivity in a structured way. Jessica has completed many courses, including Mediumship, Psychometry, Shamanism, Soul Retrieval and Reiki. If you seek wise counsel and clarity, let her guides working with yours bring you the help that you need!

Could you please pass on to Jessica my thanks for her reading. It was absolutely amazing. So very different from any others that I have ever had.

So special. It showed me that I had finally reached a spiritual pathway without even being aware. My dream has been realised. I am doing what I should be doing and all the guidance I need is in place. I am in the right place for me at this time. Material things and day to day worries are immaterial in the greater bigger scheme of things . At last I can rise above the trivial and find what is truly important in this lifetime.

Thank you Jessica for a truly awesome reading. I await my destiny with both arms open.

Love and Light

Denice, Dunedin, NZ

On the 20th August 2015 I had a telephone reading from Jessica. That reading was superb in its truthfulness vivacity and its confirmation of correct facts. So much so that I was very impressed with this psychic lady.

M. Bournemouth

I had a session with Jessica and I would like to say she is fantastic and picks up on everything. I have spoken to her before and she has always been great, some of her predictions have happened for me
Kind Regards,

M of Australia

Jessica is one of the very best psychics I have ever encountered. She is a great listener and she demonstrates excellent understanding of your life situations and events. She is good at helping you to make sense of past situations and supporting you to move forward with life. Working with these psychics and the Crystal Clear service has changed my life.

Jeanine, London

I had a reading with Jessica this morning and my issue was a little bit different then what she specialises in. She asked me what I would like to focus on and she went from there. She read me like a story book without any information. Wow she is great! She is the real deal, spot on, accurate as they can come. I have had a lot of readings and I will definitely call her in the future. She can tune into anything your heart desires no matter what is it. Does not have to be what her specialities show in her bio. Sweet compassionate and kind. I was absolutely mesmerised by her gift!

Nikki Sept 2016

Amazingly gifted multidimensional clairvoyant that does not need to ask questions, she tunes in immediately giving so much accurate evidence and information. She is heartfelt and warming, yet tells you the facts. Thank you Jessica you are an inspiration and uplifting.

TB, Switzerland

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