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Love, relationships, career, general.
Crystal Healing, Tarot Cards, Angel Orical Cards, Playing Cards.
Clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant and medium.
Honest, trustworthy tell things as I hear them from spirit.
About Manda
Manda has been a professional psychic for over 24yrs. Using various tools including tarot, clairvoyance and voice-vibrations, Manda can quickly tune into a persons situation giving clarity and guidance so they can move forward in their daily lives, knowing that their loved ones are just a thought away.
Manda and I had an incredible reading. She indicated to me that I would meet a man who looks like George Clooney. I started to laugh, and said to Manda. "You`re not going to believe this." At that point I indicated to her that George Clooney was on my television while I was speaking with her. She indicated that it was clear validation that this was going to occur. We laughed hard. I can`t wait to meet him.


Manda was absolutely brilliant, she connected with whom I hoped to be connected and the reading was very accurate.


My reading with Manda was amazing, she was awesome and I will definitely be calling her again, fabulous advice and thank you.


Excellent as always, she is an incredible reader! Always tells you the truth. 5 stars!
K, Ohio

I have been involved in the spiritual world for many years and in my travels, had numerous readings from around the world, I would say that Manda is one of the best, most accurate, giving so much evidence, you will be amazingly surprised - the wow factor, tuning in straight away to your loved ones feelings and emotions, as if we were all sitting in the same room. She is definitely a gifted, unique, uplifting psychic that makes your heart and soul joyful and smile inside, she leaves you feeling like your floating on air with so much positivity. Thank you Manda you are truly out of this world and rare with your outstanding gifts.

TB, Switzerland April 2017

`I have been having readings with Manda for the last year now and she has changed my life. She channels my maternal grandmother and provides loving advice and support for me and my family. Her advice has helped me transform my personal life, my business and provide much needed support to friends and family. She is a pure channel for spirit and her accuracy is always spot on! She is simply fantastic!

Jeanine, May 2017

I have never had such an amazing reading as I have just had with Manda. The connection was extraordinary.
I have had readings in the past but never like Manda. This is the first time I am writing a review, but I just had to. She tapped into the area of my work life she could not have known about and my partners too. Plus other areas that were too personal to mention. She is gentle, compassionate and the ultimate in a reader that I could have hoped for.

MK, July 2017

It came at a very good time. Manda knew exactly what I needed. I haven`t been able to sleep for a long time but she has made me feel so much better. Thank you.

BP, Nov 2017

Manda is an absolute delight She is absolutely amazing, humble , kind and so accurate. A true lady. She has helped me more than I can say.

JW, Nov 2017

I would sincerely like to thank Manda for the readings provided over the last 15 months. The readings have been very detailed, specific and consistently accurate. I have very much valued and appreciated the information, clarity and guidance around past experiences, present circumstances and future events. Mandas ability to quickly connect with departed loved ones is amazing and I am always left feeling comforted, reassured and focused. Her voice is warm and friendly and the readings are always delivered with blends of precision, sensitivity, humour and professionalism. It has been joyful speaking with Manda.

Patricia, Nov 17

Manda has an individual style that is unique to her and a real character who makes me laugh. She is kind, compassionate and accurate and has become a real friend. She has helped me greatly.

Amanda, London Dec 17

I had a reading with Manda this evening, it was totally accurate. She confirmed everything I was feeling, and I shall take her advice, thank you so much Manda you are better than I could ever imagine, you picked up everything, and I feel so much more confident now. Please also thank your Spirit Guides too.

Love and Light Joanna. Dec 17

Very Sympathetic, kind, exceedingly accurate, gave hope, strength and a vision of whats to come.

Miss A From London, Jan 18

Manda was brilliant and I was so impressed with her reading!

EC, Mar 18

I have had several readings with Manda and they are always excellent! Thank you Manda.

Miss E, Mar 18

I found Manda to be a lovely, warm and gentle person. More to the point her reading was absolutely spot on. She told me things that could only be validated by myself. I was absolutely taken aback with her accuracy. I will definitely using Manda again and have told my family and friends about her. Her reading gave me goosebumps! Thanks so much Manda! Expect to hear from me again (and my friends/family).

Rose, Nottingham June 18

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