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Love and relationships, family, general
Tarot cards, oracle cards, angel cards, fairy cards, pendulum
Clairvoyant, tarot reader, healer
Uplifting, soothing
About Linda
Extensively experienced and deeply intuitive, Linda brings a direct yet sensitive approach to her readings to offer clear and precise guidance that her clients find comforting and supportive. She draws the inspiration for her consultations from spirit energies and card reading and is particularly popular amongst those seeking clarity about matters of love and relationship. Linda also gives guidance on general issues and is a spiritual healer who works not only with humans but also with pets. She sends you Angel blessings from the realms above and hopes to talk to you soon.
I have used many readers and have been very pleased. I had a reading with Linda today and had great concern about a family member of mine and she gave me info that there would have been no way of her knowing. She broke everything down in small pieces to help me understand. She is very compassionate and very accurate, I will call her again as she made me feel a lot better.

Nikki CA Jan 2017

I have just started using Linda and I just want to say thank you to her for all her kindness and care during our readings. A couple of things came up that only I would have known yet she was able to tell me!

Want to thank her as I really missed her when she was away, she is the only psychic for me! I`ve always been delighted to use Crystal Clear Psychics and have done for so for a while and although all of the other psychics are excellent they have only been able to give so much information. Linda is the only one who has given me consistent information. Thank you.

Nikki Ireland

Linda is an amazing reader who gives insight to problems and provides answers effectively. She`s given me positive advice and on how to achieve the results that I would like, no-one has explained how things should be done like Linda, I feel she understands me. Thank you Linda.
Lizzie from North London

I spoke to Linda 7845 today and she was amazing, Linda gave me the guidance I needed at this point in my life. The last few months have been very difficult and she gave me clarity of my next steps, positivity and really good practical steps I can take to move myself forward.
Thank you Linda.

Jacky from London

She`s fantastic. She is literally true to what she says and doesn`t tell you just what you want to hear. She lays it all out in black and white, and helps you see the big picture.

C. Florida.

I think Linda was a nice person that gave good advice and gave a reading with confidence.

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