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Place Your Cosmic Order
by Pat Blackett
Do you ever find that when you expect things to go wrong, they often do? Or do you experience coincidences, thinking of something and then seeing it happen? This is often described as the process of cosmic ordering.

Even mainstream science is beginning to indicate that cosmic ordering happens to us all the time, even when we aren`t aware. But what if you could channel this power? Would you be able to consciously control your future?

What is cosmic ordering?

The basic premise of cosmic ordering is that the universe is willing to give you everything that you want in life. You can place an order with the universe and wait for it to manifest. This happens due to an energy field known variably as the "field of intent" or "quantum field," an invisible dimension where our Spirit connects to the whole of the universe and returns our conscious desires. As a spiritual practice it is becoming more popular, with even celebrities jumping on board and claiming they owe their success to cosmic ordering.

How can you make it work?

Linking to the field of intent requires the power of intentiona combination of desire and faithto create a new situation. When the power of intention is properly used, your Spirit connects to the field of intent and grants your request.

It is crucial to feel that you deserve what you are asking for. Desiring something while feeling you don`t really deserve it will not workthere is a gap between what you want and what you feel you deserve. However much you want something, it can`t manifest unless you really feel worthy.

Making your request

There are different ways to place your order. You can go to a sacred place, wear different outfits, or carry certain artifacts. Some suggest that cosmic ordering works in any setting that feels right to you. We find that it`s best to be somewhere quiet, and it`s also helpful to write down your request. The rest is up to your intent, focus, and power of intention.

Are there any risks?

If cosmic ordering is one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting what you want in life, the question naturally arises: Can it backfire and cause negative intentions to manifest? Sometimes we self-sabotage, or think negative thoughts about ourselves and others, and these orders may also be filled if intention is present. As the saying goes, whether you believe you can or you believe you can`t, you are probably right. This is a key to cosmic ordering, because even negativity can be manifested. So use your newly acquired knowledge for the good of all, and you will begin to experience more positive outcomes in your own life.

Placing an order
  •     Decide on your goal
  •     Make sure you desire, deserve and believe in the goal
  •     Find somewhere quiet and write down the goal
  •     Repeat the goal to yourself and see it in your mind`s eye
  •     Feel what you will feel when you have achieved your goal.
  •     Hear what you will hear when you have achieved your goal
  •     Stay in the zone for several minutes
  •     Repeat the process daily until you notice your life changing
  •     The change may be sudden or gradual, but you will recognise it
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