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Staying Centered Through the Holidays
by Barney Battles
The holidays are supposed to be a time that we enjoy, when we get the chance to relax and appreciate the company of others. However, the preparations involved, the presence of people we wouldnt normally entertain and the excuse to overindulge can take their toll on us both physically and psychically. In order to take the stress out of holidays and enjoy them to their full potential, there are six basic things you should bear in mind.

Plan Ahead

Too many of us let the holidays creep up on us, so that we end up rushing around and trying to do everything at once. Instead, well before the holidays are upon you take some time to conduct a series of positive visualizations that focus on your perfect holiday experience. With each visualization, try and make a note of the details that come to you - those that would make the celebration run as smoothly as possible. Your subconscious will have collated vital information about the people involved, their likes and dislikes, and using visualizations will help you to plunder your psychic memory banks.

Share the Burden

Rather than deciding to be solely responsible for everyone elses happiness, delegate the duties between your friends and family. Not only will this allow you to enjoy yourself all the more, but it will generate a feeling of community. People working together for a common purpose tend to forge solid and positive psychic bonds, united by their desire to create the perfect occasion.

Work Within Your Limits

There is little point in trying to facilitate an event that is unrealistic. We are all bound by physical constraints such as money, time and location. It is far better to focus on the spirit of the event, rather than the peripheral frills. By communicating the idea that you want the holiday to be enjoyable and memorable rather than ostentatious and lavish, you will encourage others to take pleasure in the communal experience, rather than the sense of material indulgence which, for some, can be intimidating.

Look After Yourself

The holidays are often a great excuse to overindulge. However, this can exact a physical and psychic cost. The physical self is a manifestation of the psychic self and, too often, we allow ourselves to stagnate in both. As the holidays approach, try to maintain a regime of good physical and psychic health. Eating well, exercising and meditating regularly will allow you to reward yourself over the festive period without that dull, sluggish feeling that can last for weeks afterwards.

Be Tolerant

It is the nature of large gatherings that we are often surrounded by people we would otherwise have little time for. If you are unprepared, this can lead to an exaggeration of bad feeling and intolerance. Decide in advance who will be coming. This will tell you whose partners to expect and give you fair warning of those whose company you find difficult. In anticipation of this, take some time to visualise those people in their best light. Imagine them as being wonderful company and visualise conversations with them that are successful and enriching. Once again, your psychic memory banks will seek out ways to encourage positive feelings between you and re-programme your psyche to engage in a mutually beneficial way.

See The Bigger Picture

It is often easy to forget why we have these gatherings of friends and family. Allow yourself to remember what those people mean to your life and how their coming together will enrich your future on a practical and a psychic level.
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