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How Will the Coming Solar Eclipse Affect You Psychically?
by Naomi Otley
As 2014 winds down, the solar eclipse on 23 October offers a precious opportunity for spiritual growth. It`s all about breaking down patterns that no longer serve, and building new ones that do. Think of it as a way for psychic energy to renew itself, just as biological energy renews itself in countless ways.

In order to fully align ourselves with the positive potential of this eclipse, we must understand the psychic forces at play.

First off, many people are surprised to learn that eclipses come in pairs. A lunar eclipse always occurs two weeks before a solar eclipse, and the energies brought forth by that lunar eclipse are often brought to completion by the solar eclipse.

In this case, the moon was eclipsed on 8 October in the sign of Aries, with the sun in opposing Libra. The theme here is a shift from dependence to independence, especially in the context of relationships. Aries tell us to stand tall, be brave, celebrate individuality, and maintain a high degree of self-worth. Without this, our strength and willpower become dampened. We may even feel desperate or clingy, seeking our own fulfillment in another person. This lunar eclipse reminds us that relationships are healthiest when both partners value themselves.

The solar eclipse, which falls in Scorpio, brings these theme to a head. You might see a relationship end around the time of the solar eclipse, due to the imbalances highlighted by the lunar eclipse. You might also see a relationship become stronger, entering a new phase of honesty and commitment.

But the solar eclipse in Scorpio doesn`t stop there. It can break down psychic blockages that stem from childhood, propelling you toward a more open expression of your own psychic gifts. It can also bring financial situations to a head. Money owed to you or by you is an energetic link that cannot be ignored. Managing these links in a graceful yet firm manner is another issue raised by the eclipse. You may end up with a new payment scheduleor, if you`re lucky, a debt paid altogether.

Now that we understand some of the basic issues of a solar eclipse in Scorpio, we can look at the factors which make it truly unique.

#1 The Eclipse Falls on the 1st Degree of Scorpio

When a solar eclipse occurs on the first degree of any sign, the potential for breakthroughs is higher. There is a definite threshold to be crossed, a new beginning to be made in all of the aforementioned areas.

Sometimes, this "1st degree effect" makes things easier. Energetic imbalances are brought abruptly and clearly to the surface, and swift decisions follow. On the other hand, the challenges highlighted by a 1st degree eclipse may be more difficult as the heavens implore us to look our problems straight in the eye and deal with them.

#2 Venus is in Scorpio during the eclipse

The love planet is closely involved in this eclipse, which makes even more about relationships. Venus shines an extra light on the way we relate to our partners, and the way they relate to us. We may even noticefor the first timedeep, unconscious behaviors that hold our relationship back. This is ideal! It means we have a new awareness, and with awareness comes positive change.

#3 There are asteroids on either side of the eclipse

You may never have heard of two asteroids known as Scylla and Charybdis, but they are real astrological factorsand they`ll be in Scorpio during the solar eclipse. What`s more, they`ll flank the eclipse on either side. Translation? A tough decision will almost definitely have to be madeone in which neither options seems ideal. Your heart is the only true guide. It allows you to see beyond the immediate discomfort of a tough decision, and recognize the long-term benefits.

Visualize the Change

Use the time during the eclipse, as well as the day before and after, to visualize and embody the changes you desire in psychic growth, financial obligations, and especially relationships. Even five minutes of quiet stillness, reflecting on the themes mentioned here, will help align you with the eclipse, and allow you to take full advantage of the opportunities presented. Rememberthis solar eclipse, like all astrological events, shows us things that may have been hidden. If we pay attention, we`ll always be able to bring more light into our lives, and the lives of those around us!

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