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Past Life Regression
by Pavilou Landraagon
Were you a Hawaiian Queen or Nefertiti?  Unlikely, but possible. Past life regression is more than just a fascination. It raises an important question: How much does our past life reflect and influence the present, and is there anything we can do about it?

A magical experience

I was lucky enough to have my first Past Life Regression session deep in the white desert of Egypt, lying near a cracking camp fire under a canopy of the brightest stars I`ve ever seen, in the silver light of the full Moon.

I laid down by the fire and closed my eyes and was led into a journey into a realm between waking and dreaming, in order to investigate my soul`s past life experience.

This lucid, half dream state was so valuable because you remain fully aware. You can recount your story, writing it down for later evaluation, so that you can anaylise how visions from the past might be influencing your current experience. What I learned around that camp fire didnt immediately make sense, but with discussion and some analysis, pieces started to fit into place like a jigsaw.

Putting the pieces together

According to Sue Minns, Past Life Regression therapist,  the process should be aiming to clear blocks, free up the mind, and put the wraps on unfinished business.

This deep memory process can be used to fast track to the source of a problem, allowing you to re-connect with and understand it. When this happens, something that may have felt like a curse can be seen with greater wisdom, and a blessing is revealed at the centre of it.

You don`t have to be trying to understand trauma or difficulty to get value from this deep journey - it is just as valuable to simply explore. That`s what I did under the stars in Egypt, and I received valuable information that helped me with decisions and created a new perspective on old patterns.

Past life regression is really not about who you were, but who you are and who you can become. History is there to help us learn. It doesn`t matter if you were the Queen of Sheba or Cleopatra - explore your Kingdom now!

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